MOEC's Guide to Public Special Education Programs in Massachusetts


In 1974, Massachusetts enacted legislation that encouraged school districts to come together to address demands for special education services by forming collaboratives. The resulting partnerships have grown to encompass many diverse educational services and programs.

Collaboratives provide specialized education programs for students with complex special needs who are not able to make adequate progress in their home school districts. The collaboratives provide outstanding educational and therapeutic services. Students are able to remain close to their hometowns while receiving specialized educational instruction to meet their needs.

The Massachusetts Organization of Educational Collaboratives (MOEC) is the professional organization representing the Commonwealth’s educational collaboratives. In this guide, collaboratives have provided descriptions of the specialized programs that are available to students.

This information is provided to assist you in locating a program that will provide a challenging and successful educational setting for students who are not making adequate progress at their home districts. The programs listed in this guide will meet high standards and expectations for all learners. Each program or school listed has a person for you to contact for additional information. For more information about Massachusetts collaboratives, please go to the MOEC website: