Bi-County Collaborative (BICO)

Bi-County’s mission is to provide high quality educational programming, making it possible for all students to become responsible and contributing members of society. BICO provides specialized educational programs for students ages 3-22. Our programs address the needs of students with Autism, Communication, Emotional, Health, Intellectual, Neurological, Physical Impairments, and Specific Learning Disabilities.

Programs Available

Adult Transition Program

The Adult Transition Program provides individualized educational and community-based transitional services to students ranging in age from 18 to 22 years.

Alternative Middle School

The Alternative Middle School Program (AMS) provides services to students in grades 5-8 who may present with behavioral and social challenges, emotional impairment and/or specific learning disabilities. The program provides a highly structured, consistent, and therapeutic environment.

Elementary Developmental Learning Program

The Elementary Developmental Learning Program provides a comprehensive program for elementary students with multiple physical, intellectual, neurological, and communication impairments. Emphasis is placed upon sensory-based learning, movement, total communication, and adaptive technology.

Learning Center

The Learning Center is a therapeutic educational program located in a public school setting. Students may present with emotional impairment and/or specific learning disabilities.

Life Roles Education Program

The Life Roles Education Program (LREP) provides educational and therapeutic services to middle school students (ages 12-15) who may have intellectual and/or neurological impairments, multiple disabilities, and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.