CAPS Educational Collaborative

Our overall philosophy at CAPS Educational Collaborative is focused on meeting the needs of our diverse student population with the goal of moving all students along the continuum of learning so as to meet their true potential. We have created programming designed to meet the needs of our 11-member districts as well as many additional communities in both central and western Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. We offer programs to provide direct service to students, families and staff. Our dedicated team of professional staff care so deeply for our students and strive to give them the most nurturing and innovative learning environment possible.

Programs Available

CAPS Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

The CAPS Collaborative Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs are housed in acoustically treated classrooms. The majority of our students are mainstreamed with support of sign language interpreters or a teacher of the deaf in the general education classroom.

CAPS Gateway School

The CAPS Gateway Programs are located in Westminster in a separate day school setting with ample space to meet the individual student and program classroom needs.

CAPS Horizons Program

The CAPS Horizons program serves students with moderate to severe disabilities including autism who present with delays in cognitive development as well as communication, social, and sensory impairments.

Kelly Day School

students, age 3 – 22 with significant multiple disabilities, which may include physical, health, communication, neurological, and sensory impairments. Students are provided individualized educational programming, based on the MA Curriculum Frameworks.