Central Massachusetts Collaborative (CMC)

The Central Massachusetts Collaborative, an approved public school entity through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, was founded in 1975 by our member districts, Webster Public Schools and Worcester Public Schools. It continues to be governed by a Board of Directors who ensures that its purpose of providing educational, clinical, and therapeutic services to children in grades Kindergarten through 12, of public school districts in Central Massachusetts is upheld. We employ more than 185 full-time dedicated employees and serve over 500 students, from both member and nonmember districts.

Programs Available

Woodward Day School

The Woodward Day School (WDS) serves special education and regular education students in grades 6-12 who have received a long-term suspension from school due to a violation of school rules, or are excluded from school due to a felony charge per the 37H1/2 law, or suspended under section 3 of MGL