CREST Collaborative

CREST empowers all learners by maximizing strengths, removing barriers, forming relationships, seeking innovative solutions to create a lasting positive impact into their adult lives, and equipping them with tools to succeed in a safe and supportive learning environment and within the greater community. CREST is supported by caring people, including community members, families, district partners, and local businesses who collaborate to fully address learners’ academic, vocational, social/emotional, and therapeutic needs.

Programs Available

CREST Collaborative EPIC


EPIC’s goal is to provide all students with a variety of opportunities to access their education in supportive environments throughout their school day.

CREST Lifeways


Lifeways provides a substantially separate educational environment for students whose profile meets the criteria for an autism spectrum disorder, neurological or intellectual disability.

CREST Lifeworks


Lifeworks offers students a learning environment that enhances their academic, vocational, transitional, life and social skills in a structured, substantially separate classroom.

Essex Academy Lower School


Essex Academy Lower School serves students who have a documented history of emotional, behavioral and/or psychiatric needs.

Essex Academy Upper School


Essex Academy Upper School is a therapeutic educational program for students with social and emotional disabilities and specific learning needs. This program provides a supportive, academic environment that leads to personal and academic growth and learning.