Pilgrim Area Collaborative (PAC)

The Pilgrim Area Collaborative was established in 1976 to provide individualized educational services to children, ages 3-22, with significant learning challenges whose needs for support could not be met within their home school districts. PAC is one of 25 educational collaboratives in Massachusetts and provides programs and services to students & families from over 50 communities from the South Shore & Cape Cod. Children are referred to PAC by their local school districts.

PAC students are educated primarily in substantially separate classrooms located in age-appropriate public schools within member school districts. PAC students are provided opportunities to be included within typical education classes and activities as appropriate, and to be active participants in the school community, as well as the local municipality. Students who need more intensive services are educated in our Pilgrim Academy school in Plymouth.

Programs Available

GAP (Gaining Adult Proficiencies) Program

In this post-graduate program, individuals with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disability, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Social and/or Emotional learning challenges participate in a course of study designed to provide the skills and knowledge to explore and participate

Learning Skills Program

The Learning Skills Program is designed for students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or those who have a similar learning profile. Pilgrim Area Collaborative offers classes in primary through high school and post high school (see Transitional Skills program) levels.

PACES - Pilgrim Area Collaborative Extended Services

The PACES program is designed to provide supports and services that extend beyond the traditional school day.

Pilgrim Academy

Pilgrim Academy is an alternative Middle/High School program supporting students in Grades 5-12 who have been identified for special education services due to the presence of an emotional disability and/or behavioral challenges.

SEASIDE (Social Emotional A-S-D)

Pilgrim Area Collaborative, in partnership with the Plymouth Public Schools, has created Seaside (Social- Emotional- A-S-D).