South Shore Educational Collaborative (SSEC)

The South Shore Educational Collaborative provides specialized educational and residential programs and services for students and adults diagnosed with a wide range of intellectual, educational, emotional, social, physical and/or medical challenges. Experienced personnel offer instruction, counseling, and therapeutic services based on an individual's specific needs.

Each program or school within the SSEC has a specific focus to meet the learning needs of the individual student or adult enrolled. Students or adults attending the SSEC may have a diagnosis in the area of autism, emotional, specific learning, medical, or physical disabilities. At the SSEC, we also understand and develop instructional and therapeutic programs for students who are challenged with multiple disabilities. Students are referred to the SSEC by school districts throughout southeastern Massachusetts when the district has not been able to meet the educational and /or emotional needs of the student.

Programs Available

STARTS Program (Short Term Assessment and Return to School)

STARTS provides a 45 school day educational and psychological assessment within a therapeutic day school setting for students who are having serious difficulties in their school and require evaluation and recommendations.