EDCO Collaborative

EDCO is a collaborative of 16 urban and suburban school districts serving the Greater Boston area and beyond. We are governed by a board of directors comprised of superintendents and school committee members representing each of our member school districts. EDCO Collaborative’s range of services includes professional learning opportunities for educators; special education and alternative education programs for students with disabilities and at-risk youth; in-district consultation, special education transportation through a cost effective consortium of adjacent communities; and cooperative purchasing of utilities and other items upon request.

EDCO Collaborative
36 Middlesex Turnpike
01730 Bedford , MA
United States
Massachusetts US

Available Programs

The EDCO Partners Program provides comprehensive academic instruction as well as intensive social and life skills instruction to academically capable adolescents who may have an educational disability of Autism (formerly considered Asperger’s Syndrome or High Functioning Autism), Non-verbal Learning Disabilities, and/or similar challenges. Located in Bedford along with EDCO’s North Crossing Therapeutic Day Program, Partners offers a small, highly supportive, therapeutic milieu. Therapeutic and supportive by nature, the EDCO Partners program fosters students’ emotional growth through weekly individual counseling sessions and ongoing milieu counseling.

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The EDCO 45-Day Assessment Program serves students in grades 6 – 12 who are referred by their school districts for an in-depth analysis of learning, social, emotional and/or behavioral needs. Our small student population enables the 45-Day Program staff to provide individualized instruction while maintaining the integrity of the curriculum. Curriculum guidelines are obtained from the students’ home schools and lessons are designed to keep the students current in academic subjects.

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The EDCO North Crossing Therapeutic Day Program is an approved public day program certified by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide special education services to adolescents. We are located in Bedford, MA in a beautiful, recently renovated, state of the art building. Our program serves students in grades 6 – 12 whose social and emotional needs warrant placement in a specialized therapeutic educational setting. Our students may have mental health diagnoses and share a common need for specially designed instruction provided within a supportive, structured educational environment that offers strong academic and clinical intervention delivered in collaboration with families and collateral contacts.

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Established in 1973, EDCO was the first high school program for the deaf and hard of hearing in the state. Located within Newton Public Schools, students attend the F.A. Day Middle School (grades 6-8) and Newton North High School (grades 9-12+). Currently, EDCO students come from districts in a wide geographical range.

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