Assabet Valley Collaborative (AVC)

The mission of the Assabet Valley Collaborative is to provide effective and efficient services to meet current and evolving needs of member communities to promote student success and community integration. AVC is deeply committed to bringing communities together to maximize diverse resources to provide the best services to children, families, and our region. Through collaboration and partnership we strive to map resources, identify needs, and develop and support services that will effectively and efficiently address evolving needs in our member school district communities.

Assabet Valley Collaborative
28 Lord Road Suite 125
01752 Marlborough , MA
United States
Massachusetts US

Available Programs

AVC Alternative School (AVCAS) offers academic rigor and clinical services to students in grades six through twelve who have not made progress in a traditional school setting. With a strong emphasis on academics, clinical services, expressive arts, transition services and high-interest electives, our school supports students in overcoming challenges related to their mental and behavioral health in order to achieve individualized goals.

  • Small, highly specialized instructional and clinical groups using principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Integration of academics, music and art, fitness/wellness & transition skills
  • Social/Emotional skill development addressed through PBIS, DBT and Restorative Practices
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The Assabet Valley Collaborative Evolution program is available in our Shrewsbury and Marlborough locations. This transition program is designed for students aged 18-22 who continue to be eligible for educational services as they transition to adulthood. Evolution blends educational opportunities within realworld settings in the community.

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The Assabet Valley Collaborative REACH program provides a multi-disciplinary approach to meet the varied and complex academic, therapeutic and healthcare needs of students with multiple disabilities between the ages of 5 and 18. REACH infuses social communication throughout programming with a particular emphasis on assistive technology and augmentative communication.

  • Embedded Speech/Language, Physical, Occupational, Vision and Music Therapies
  • Comprehensive nursing support
  • Inclusion opportunities with typical peers
  • Community based learning experiences
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AVC’s SOAR Assessment Center collaborates closely with parents and districts to identify appropriate academic and clinical supports for middle and high school-aged students with social/emotional difficulties. Our deep repertoire of clinical and educational assessments helps teams better understand the skills and needs of our students to identify supports and strategies that will enable our students to progress in the least restrictive environment.

  • customized and comprehensive educational and clinical assessments
  • individualized academic and clinical services
  • comprehensive reports and recommendations
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