Central Massachusetts Collaborative (CMC)

The Central Massachusetts Collaborative, an approved public school entity through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, was founded in 1975 by our member districts, Webster Public Schools and Worcester Public Schools. It continues to be governed by a Board of Directors who ensures that its purpose of providing educational, clinical, and therapeutic services to children in grades Kindergarten through 12, of public school districts in Central Massachusetts is upheld. We employ more than 185 full-time dedicated employees and serve over 500 students, from both member and nonmember districts.

The Central Massachusetts Collaborative
14 New Bond Street
01606 Worcester , MA
United States
Massachusetts US

Available Programs

Central MA Prep (CMP) is dedicated to educating students in grades 7 and 8 with emotional and behavioral disorders and preparing them for the social and academic expectations of high school through the provision of a positive and predictable environment. Within a therapeutic milieu that includes counseling services, low student to staff ratios (10:2) and effective use of coping skills, students start to develop the self-determination skills necessary to help navigate them through the transition from middle to high school.

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Central MA Academy is a facility that provides educational and therapeutic services for students in sixth through twelfth grade. This highly structured program has a maximum population of 80 special education students with serious emotional and behavioral issues. These students have been diagnosed with psychiatric disorders due to their disabilities. Central MA Academy also offers an Adaptive Learning Program for students in grades six through twelve with serious emotional disabilities as well as mild to moderate cognitive disabilities.

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The Hartwell Learning Center (HLC) is a public, highly structured, therapeutic day school with small classroom size, low student to staff ratios, and a school-wide positive therapeutic behavior system. In addition to group and individualized academic instruction, students receive individual and group counseling, case management, and crisis intervention. The program focuses on improving academic, social, and coping skills while providing students with a safe, consistent, and positive learning environment. The Center serves students in K – grade 6 who have severe emotional disabilities. Some students may also have mild to moderate cognitive deficits.

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The programs of the Robert H. Goddard Academy (RGA) meet the emotional, social, academic and post- secondary challenges of our diverse student population. RGA students receive academic instruction, individual and group counseling, emotional and behavioral support, pre-vocational and social skills training, case- management, and crisis intervention.

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Recovery High Schools are four year, non-traditional public high schools that serve approximately 30-50 students who have been diagnosed with a substance abuse or dependence disorder. Students must be willing to commit to a program of recovery as a condition of admission. We provide a comprehensive academic curriculum consistent with Massachusetts State Standards, MCAS testing protocols and course requirements of respective home school districts. Students earn a high school diploma from their home school.

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The Woodward Day School (WDS) serves special education and regular education students in grades 6-12 who have received a long-term suspension from school due to a violation of school rules, or are excluded from school due to a felony charge per the 37H1/2 law, or suspended under section 3 of MGL 37H3/4. Woodward Day School’s highly structured setting, and strong focus on academics, allows students to pursue academic excellence, pass the MCAS and graduate from high school.

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