FLLAC Collaborative

The FLLAC Educational Collaborative was founded in 1975. As a non-profit educational organization our primary mission has been to provide high quality programs for students with special education needs. Over the years FLLAC has developed a reputation for offering students highly individualized services and supports that are researched based and always geared toward movement to a less restrictive environment. FLLAC’s teachers, paraprofessionals and related service providers are well trained and offer services in a caring, responsive and flexible manner designed to bring out the best in each student.

FLLAC Collaborative
2 Shaker Road Suite D215
01464 Shirley , MA
United States
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Available Programs

The FLLAC Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disabilities Program serves students on the autism spectrum, students with intellectual disabilities, students with multiple disabilities and students with challenging medical needs, all within a moderate to severe disability range.

View Full Program Information at http://programs.moecnet.org/programs/autism-spectrum-and-developmental-disabilities-program-asddd

The Caldwell Alternative Middle and High School program serves students with emotional, social and learning challenges by providing a safe, respectful and supportive environment. Classrooms are small (5-8 students with a teacher and a para-professional) and counseling services (1:1 and group) are available on a weekly and as needed basis. Students are provided with opportunities for career exploration, management of the school store, and participate in woodshop and other elective classes. A point/level system provides the foundation for behavior management.

Students needing a 45 day evaluation are accepted on a space available basis. Intake, psychological testing and discharge planning are included as part of the 45 day program.

View Full Program Information at http://programs.moecnet.org/programs/caldwell-alternative-middle-high-school

The FLLAC Caldwell Elementary Program at the Squannacook Early Learning Center serves students with challenging emotional and behavioral issues in a highly supportive, structured environment. Students often present with high anxiety levels due to trauma, have additional learning disabilities and/or may be on the autism spectrum. The emphasis of the program is on providing the students the skills they need to make effective progress in school and, when possible, to return to a less restrictive environment. The program features small, well staffed classes, (5-8 students with a teacher and at least two paraprofessionals), counseling services, art and music and reading/communication supports. Additional related services can be provided per the IEP for an additional fee.

View Full Program Information at http://programs.moecnet.org/programs/caldwell-elementary-program-squannacook-early-learning-center