SEEM Collaborative

SEEM Collaborative was founded in 1968 on the premise that local school districts can accomplish more by working together and conducting, in concert, educational programs and services to supplement and strengthen existing school programs and services that otherwise would be neither affordable nor accessible. Thirty-five years later, the evolution of this notion has resulted in a thriving and multi-faceted educational services agency. 

SEEM Collaborative Administrative Offices
92 Montvale Ave. Suite 3500
02180 Stoneham , MA
United States
Massachusetts US

Available Programs

The main goal of Campus Academy is to provide the necessary therapeutic, transition, and academic supports to help students graduate high school and/or attain the productive social/behavioral skills needed to return to the sending district, join the work force, or continue on to higher education opportunities. The Academic and Elective Programs are aligned with State requirements and meets the credit requirements of each sending districts; therefore, each student attending Campus Academy is eligible for a high school diploma from his or her sending district provided course requirements are met and state exams are passed.

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The primary goal of the Foundations for Life Program is to support students who have completed high school in obtaining the greatest level of independence possible in their home community.

The program curriculum includes:

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The mission of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program is to prepare students with mild, moderate and/or profound hearing loss for a successful transition into an inclusive setting in their home district. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programming includes:

• A variety of amplification devices, including hearing aids, FM systems and cochlear implants

• Teachers of the Deaf and students use a combination of spoken English and Signing Exact English (SEEII).

• Curriculum aligned to the Common Core Curriculum Frameworks but modified to incorporate language, speech, and auditory development

• Consulting Reading Specialist/moderate special needs teacher

• Balanced Literacy program

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The Ripley Elementary School is a therapeutic day school that serves students in grades K-5 with a variety of social, emotional, behavioral, and learning needs. The goal of this program is to equip children with the behavioral, social-emotional, and academic skills needed to meet the day-to-day demands of a traditional elementary school program. All curricula follows the standards based on the Common Core Curriculum Frameworks, while also providing individual students with support, adaptations and accommodations they need in order to reach their learning potential.

The Ripley School Program offers:

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SEEM Middle School is a co-educational day school that provides therapeutic and educational supports to help students prepare for high school and attain the social and behavioral skills needed to eventually join the work force or continue on to higher education opportunities. The Middle School Program offers:

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SEEM Prep Program is a public day high school for students with moderate to severe special needs. The primary goal is to provide a functional academic curriculum with vocational training to support development of the social, academic, and vocational skills students need to transition successfully into their communities as adults. Programming includes:

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The Therapeutic Learning Center at the Beebe School is a public elementary and middle school program for students with intensive special needs. The school supports and helps students acquire the communication, academic readiness, community, life skills, and social skills necessary to have a purposeful and independent life, and strives to help each child reach his or her fullest potential. Programming includes:

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