Developmental Preschool

All classes in the CASE Developmental Preschools Program are located in public school buildings with same- aged classmates.

  • Individualized special education programming
  • Structured teaching approach
  • Total communication approach used to facilitate language development
  • Services and strategies may include: ABA, DIR Floortime, social skills group, PECS for functional communication, Speech, OT, PT
  • Curriculum determined by IEPs and Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
  • Myriad inclusion opportunities
  • Strong Home/School Connection, daily communication notebooks to coordinate programming
  • Targeted areas of curriculum include: cognitive, academic, communication, motor, social, sensory, adaptive behavior and self-help skills
  • Music, art, cooking activities
  • Strong Assistive Technology Team
School Year - Number of Days: 
School Year - Hours Per Day: 
Summer - Number of Days: 
Summer - Hours Per Day: 
Therapeutic Services Available: 
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Counseling, Hearing Services, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Vision Services

Parent Support Program: The collaborative hosts a facilitated Parent Group that provides parental support, education, and resources.

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Primary Population/Disability: 
Autism, Development Delay
Type of Program: 
Collaborative Substantially Separate Classroom in Public School Building
Ages Served: 
3, 4, 5
Grades Served: 
Contact Person(s): 
Sandy Daigneault, Ed.D.
Assistant Director/ Program Administrator
Bedford High School
9 Mudge Way
01730 Bedford , MA
United States
Massachusetts US