GAP (Gaining Adult Proficiencies) Program

In this post-graduate program, individuals with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disability, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Social and/or Emotional learning challenges participate in a course of study designed to provide the skills and knowledge to explore and participate in transitional options beyond their high school experience. This program is specifically designed for those individuals who have average to above average cognitive functioning, have been successful in accessing grade level course work, have met graduation requirements (may or may not have received a HS diploma) and are between the ages of 18-21 years old. Participants will attend specific courses designed to focus on transitional targets and will take part in self-assessments, skill building, and practical experiences to identify future goals and enhance skills for either employment, or higher education opportunities beyond their high school career. In addition, they will engage in authentic and functional opportunities in order to enhance their social and independent living skills.

The GAP program runs from September to May and is divided into two semesters (Fall & Spring). The program offers seven distinct units of study and a variety of electives. Students will be enrolled in courses and electives depending on their individual needs. Additionally, students will have the ability to customize their GAP year experience to include enrollment in a college course or participation in supported volunteer or paid vocational work each week. The curriculum aligns with our goal of preparing students to live as independently as possible while pursuing their post high school objectives.

School Year - Number of Days: 
145 or 87
School Year - Hours Per Day: 
Summer - Number of Days: 
Summer - Hours Per Day: 

Additional Program Information: GAP staff work with the individual and/or parent/guardians to connect with community agencies and adult service providers (i.e., DDS, DMH, MRC, etc.). Progress updates are completed cooperatively with the individual and provided monthly or quarterly to the family and referring school district. Nonverbal Learning Disability also available.

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Primary Population/Disability: 
Autism, Emotional, Specific Learning
Other Population Served: 
Type of Program: 
Substantially Separate
Ages Served: 
18, 19, 20, 21
Contact Person(s): 
Deb Booth
PACES Director
508-747-6686 ext. 2701
Pilgrim Academy
42 Industrial Park Rd.
02360 Plymouth , MA
United States
Massachusetts US