Independence Academy

Independence Academy (IA) is a trauma-informed, evidenced-based academic environment that provides a customized education for adolescents in recovery. At IA recovery is defined as a process of change through which individuals improve their health safe and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential. Students have a documented Substance Use Disorder and oftentimes other social/emotional diagnoses and/or a history of trauma. In addition to providing a rigorous and comprehensive academic program, the foundation of our work is centered on developing a consistent daily routine dedicated to health and wellness. Students attending IA are involved in weekly individual and group counseling sessions and the counselors work closely with service providers within the community.

School Year - Number of Days: 
School Year - Hours Per Day: 
Summer - Number of Days: 
Summer - Hours Per Day: 
M, F (3.0) W (6.5)
Therapeutic Services Available: 

Parent Support Program: Independence Academy (IA) hosts a Learn to Cope (LTC) meeting each Monday evening. LTC provides peer support and education to parents/families with the focus on coping with the danger, stress and emotions related to substance abuse. IA also partners with High Point Treatment Centers and other agencies to connect families with available resources as they work with their children facing issues related substance abuse and/or dependence.

Additional Program Information: Independence Academy (IA) offers access to services and resources to schools, families and communities who have needs pertaining to adolescent substance use. We provide training and consultations to schools who are faced with complex student issues which require further assistance. Additionally, our students and staff provide free speaking engagements at school and community events to provide education and prevention around adolescent substance use.

For adolescents identified as “high risk” for a Substance Use Disorder or who have had issues related to substance use, IA offers a 4-day after-school program (P.A.S.S.) which provides psychoeducation and assessment around the adolescents’ use and provides recommendations for “next steps.” Through strong community partnerships, after school programming, and outreach work, IA is committed to working with the surrounding communities to better address the growing concerns of substance use and its impact on adolescents and families.

Counseling Services include: Recovery Counseling provided by an LICSW on staff, and an Adjustment/Guidance Counselor on staff.
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Primary Population/Disability: 
Emotional, Substance Abuse
Other Population Served: 
Emotional, Health, Specific Learning
Type of Program: 
Public Day
Ages Served: 
14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
Grades Served: 
9, 10, 11, 12
Contact Person(s): 
Ryan Morgan
Independence Academy
460R Belmont St.
02301 Brockton , MA
United States
Massachusetts US